Van Gelder, Arthur


Born Arthur van Gelder on 21 November 1920 in the Tübingen Women’s Hospital. His father was the merchant Max van Gelder, his mother was Auguste van Gelder. Both were resident in Haigerloch (register oft he registry office).

The memorial book of the Federal Archives mentions an emigration to the Netherlands on 12.11.1938 and an imprisonment in the labour camp Staphorst-Rouveen in 1942. This information could not be confirmed in our own research.

List material for the collection and transit camp Westerbork, which was compiled by the International Tracing Service ITS in the post-war period on the basis of original documents from the camps, lists Arthur van Gelder (note: the date of birth is incorrectly listed here as 21.10.1920). On 5.10.1942, a transport left the Westerbork camp, which also contained Arthur van Gelder.

According to Yad Vashem, this transport arrived in Auschwitz-Birkenau on 7.10.1942. About 1500 people were registered on arrival. 40 men and 58 women were assigned to forced labour. All other deportees were murdered directly in gas chambers. Only 29 people who were on this transport survived to the end of the war.

The exact fate of Arthur van Gelder remains unclear. The Dutch In Memorian database gives 31.8.1943 as the date of death, and only Central Europe is listed as the place.



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Information from first register of births (193)

Post-war ITS list based on original documents (102: date of birth wrong!)


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