Berger, Julie Babette (née Dessauer)


Born Julie Babette Dessauer on 29.5.1883 in Tübingen. She is the twin sister of Anna Therese D., née Erlanger. Father is the optician Adolf D., mother Helene “Lenchen” D., née Halle. Other siblings are Ernst Nathan D., Erich Hermann D., and the youngest sister Lucie Clara Levi. The Dessauer family lived in Uhlandstraße.

On 28 May 1909 she married the Jewish merchant Theodor Berger in Tübingen, born on 21 November 1876 in Berlin. Julie Babette Berger was sent from Berlin to the Auschwitz concentration camp on the 25th “Osttransport” on 14 December 1942. Tile-Wardenbergstraße 26a in Berlin is given as her last residential address.

Of her siblings, only the youngest sister, Lucie Clara Levi, survived the National Socialist persecution. She had emigrated to Palestine with her husband and two daughters. The brothers Ernst Nathan and Erich Hermann and her twin sister died in concentration camps.


Archival records:

Birth registers (first and second registers)

Marriage register

Transport list: 25th Eastern transport to Auschwitz with 813 names listed, 14.12.1941.

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