Bloch, Lina (née Liebmann)


Born Lina Liebmann on 15.10.1876 in Wankheim. Father is the merchant Heinrich L., mother Caroline L., née Löwenthal, living at Kirchgasse 100 in Wankheim. She is the sister of Sofie L., née Löwenstein and Julie L., née Krämer.

On 22.10/23.1940 Lina B. was deported from Randegg (house 108), Baden to the internment camp Gurs. Lina B. was deported together with her husband Salomon Bloch in cattle cars from Drancy to Auschwitz on 30.5.1944. Between 1941 and 1944, mainly French Jews were imprisoned in the collection camp Drancy, near Paris, and deported from here to the extermination camps in the East.  On 30 May 1944, the 75th transport already left the Drancy camp with the destination Auschwitz-Birkenau with about 1000 people. Lina B. and her husband Salomon Bloch were also on this transport, which arrived at the railway station in Ausschwitz on 2 June 1944. More than 600 people were murdered in gas chambers immediately upon arrival at Auschwitz. Only 99 people who were on this transport survived.

In the memorial book of the Federal Archives, Lina B. is declared dead. This information is not confirmed.

Both sisters also perished in concentration camps.

The second register of birth gives an incorrect date (17.10.1876), this date is corrected in the first register in a marginal note to 16.10.1876.


Archival records:

First register of births

Second register of births (date incorrectly entered!)

Reproduced list of deportees from Baden to Gurs on 22/23.10.1940 (86)

Page of Testimony from the niece (87)

Deportation list: Drancy to Auschwitz on 30.5.1944

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