Weil, Carl :Born Carl Weil (misspelling: Karl) on 18 June 1879


Born Carl Weil (misspelling: Karl) on 18 June 1879 in Tübingen. Father is the banker Friedrich W., mother is Sofie W., née Mayer, both of the Israelite religion and resident in Tübingen. (Registry office first and second registers). The mother Sofie and his older sister Wilhelmine “Mina” Mayer both died in the Theresienstadt ghetto.

According to Lilli Zapf, he trained in banking in Geneva and worked in banking in Berlin and London. From 1926 onwards he is listed in the Tübingen address books at Uhlandstraße 6 as “Weil, Karl, Bankgeschäft, Filiale Tübingen” and “Weil, Karl, Bankhaus”.

Lilli Zapf further reports that the banking house ran into financial difficulties in the early 1930s. In October 1935, he was arrested in Horb for “fraudulent bankruptcy” and sentenced to three years in prison.

On a file card of the Reich Association of Jews dated 30 November 1944, Emmerich-Josephstraße 18 (wrong spelling on file!) in Mainz is given as his last place of residence. This information could not be confirmed in the historical address book 1940 of the city of Mainz. Furthermore, it contains the information that Carl Weil died in Auschwitz on 3 September 1944.


Archival records:

Registry Office First Register (74)

Registry Office Second Register (51)

Index card Reichsvereinigung der Juden (154)

EvO 20200032 en

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