Weil, Sofie (née Mayer)


Born Sofie Mayer in Mainz on 27 June 1852 (the memorial book of the Federal Archives incorrectly gives 26 June 1952 as the date of birth). She was married to the banker Friedrich Weil, who came from a banking family in Hechingen.  From 1912, Friedrich W. is listed in the Tübingen address books as a bank director.

The two children, Wilhelmine “Mina” and Carl were both born in Tübingen and grew up in a house at Grabenstraße 1, where Friedrich W.’s bank branch was also located.

According to Lilli Zapf, the husband dies in April 1923 at the age of 76. Thereupon Sofie Weil’s widowed daughter moves back in with her in Tübingen, where they live together first at Grabenstraße 1 until 1930 and then at Nauklerstraße 31 until 1935. The Tübingen Residents’ Registration Office states that mother and daughter deregister from Tübingen on 16 November 1935 and the two move to Mainz to Rheinstraße 79.

The name Sofie Weil appears on the copy of a Gestapo list from the Mainz city archive. Gonsenheimerstrasse 11 in Mainz is mentioned as the last residential address. There was an Israelite hospital and old people’s home. Sofie W. came to Theresienstadt with transport XVII/1, which left Darmstadt on 27 September 1942.

There is also a death notice from the Theresienstadt ghetto which states 8 December 1942 as the date of death. The alleged cause of death is enteritis intestinal catarrh. At the time of death, Sofie Weil was 90 years old. Her daughter Wilhelmine Mayer was also in Theresienstadt, she died one day earlier, on 7 December 1942. The son Carl Weil presumably perished in the Auschwitz concentration camp.


Archival records:

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Historical address books of the city of Tübingen 1902-1935.


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