Abel, Kläre Käthe (née Levi)


Born Kläre Käthe Levi on 9 July 1920 in Tübingen at the women’s hospital. Father is the cattle dealer Samuel Levi, mother is Jenny (Jeanette), née Hahn, both living in Rexingen, Horb (civil records). She married Werner Abel, born on 24.1.1915 in Geseke. According to his sister Anneliese A., née Auerbach, he was deported to the East, where he died. His parents were Rudolf A. and Berta A., née Fink. Werner Abel lived in Wuppertal-Elberfeld.

According to the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJDC), which evaluated deportation lists and other documents after the end of the war and documented them on index cards, Kläre Abel and her husband were last in the Jewish forestry camp Kersdorf near Briesen (Mark). On 3.4.1942, both were deported to the Generalgouvernement.



Birth register entry

Page of Testimony v. the husband’s sister (90),

AJDC index cards of the couple (117, 123).

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